Washing day

Let see here, Longmétrage how antique fabrics and embroideries can take new colors. To recycle pale or yellowed clothes, I have used a black dye : each fabric reacts depending onthe percentage of cotton it contains : how surprising it was to obtain this blue gray I love somuch. I am ready to come back to work ! A new look for a set of old napkins, fitting very well with this old Sarreguemines plate named 'Tsarine'... and two glass cloches : one is very fine and delicate, I use it to preserved some chocolate... [Lire la suite]
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Blue borders

When the smell of the brioches envades the kitchen, it is quite difficult to resist... I doubt the three ones who devoured them in a few minutes had time to notice the beautiful blue storm border of these plates " Laitière" of St Amand.       It's hard to find more than to plates of the same pattern. So you can associate different ones, justrespecting approaching colors, which vary from green... to blue...         
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Blue collection

A collection in course, from the French manufacture of Sarreguemines : the pattern is "Capri - Réserve Casino", from the years 1920-1950. I have 8 dinner plates et 6 soup plate, the big soup tureen very useful for winter soups. The beginning of a nice table.     I could tint an old tablecloth in indigo blue for a modern contrast ?
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Blue storm

I was searching for a French antique glass globe - yes I lose hope not to find one - ... I consolated myself with a lot of 10 plates with a blue border and 10 green glasses.Here is a foretaste of what my table would be like, with a little improvised dinner for two..
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Two-tone antique porcelain

Flea markets are full of these little plates, soup tureens or hors d'oeuvre dishes which have sodelicate colors. I am particularly fond of two-tone patterns. I hunted for these ones yesterday, and by chance theyare very well preserved. They have evocative names : Messidor, Antibes, Bagatelle, Evreux...   The 900 patterns of the Sarreguemines French manufacture give you a huge choice to begin acollection !
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