The good resolutions

Autumn is there with 25°C degrees ! Today I decided not to eat a salad on the go. So I cameback home at noon, and, oops !, I forgot to come back to work... It's the fault to the delicious light and the heat through the glass, in this comfortable sofa. This oil painted on wood seems like a fabric from the Art Deco period. You could have seen it on adress designed by Paul Poiret. Who painted it and gave it this japanese inspiration ? No signature...   As children many of us were taught the story of The ant and the... [Lire la suite]
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As the summer is not finished yet, let's take time to come back on the sunny days spent with familyand friends...                                                         Plateau de Beille (vallée de l'Ariège) ... [Lire la suite]
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So nostalgic...

These wood display boxes used to store the block lettering caugth my attention. They reflect theinimitable savoir-faire of these print artists we have almost forgotten now, with our computersand portable printers.. A little golden coloured frame, a nice old thermos with its large cork, a nice crystal inkwel...   and a nice pure linen kitchen towel, my discoveries at the last flea market delighted me ! What about a little touch of blue with these little plates which can be used as wine coasters ?That would help... [Lire la suite]
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Lily of my valley

Symbol of happiness and chance, the Lily of the valley is offered on 1st of May (labour day).This is a nice period to make charming bouquets, invite friends and enjoy good food and conviviality ! You can marry it with Lilac or small fowers from the gardens, making compositions simpleas possible. These electric blue plates  "Wild rose" from Choisy le Roi fit well that old linen tablecloth Idyed in purple. Happiness, love and friendship to you !  
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Boule de neige

I found this week-end a nice plate engraved with a delicate floral pattern and arabesques. I havebeen looking for it for so long. The pattern is named "Boule de neige" (viburnum) from SaintAmand Hamage. The blue is very luminous and goes very nicely with that little blueberries and marigolds that comefrom the market. You can find here, between leeks and spinach, small and simple bouquets. They have nothing to envy to fleurists' compositions and they cost so much less...  It's fun to take old objects and... [Lire la suite]
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Pink tonic

The sun came out again today after these cold days. I suddenly need tonic colors in the house...                                                           Antic linen sheet with a nice monogram        ... [Lire la suite]
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Brown to change from blue

In my last post, I presented you some Sarreguemines plates in blue Royat pattern. Here it is in sepia color. I love this color very much ! Nice color for autumn, isn't it ?  
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Mauve and blue

Is there something more exciting than discovering something beautiful under a layerof dust and durt ! That cutlery was waiting in an old box for a new life. And I had notseen the nice monograms... They will fit the nice Art nouveau plates I have found (Royat from Sarreguemines),which also exists in sepia (I only have one plate !). On the table, a delicate glass small dish contains the hazel nuts harvested a month ago... I wish you a sweet autumn...
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Red red red

Isn't that strange... All this red in my basket as I come back from a French Brocante ! Wonderful treasures : 10 embroidered napkins, a sugar shaker, 6 flowered plates named Irisand 2 fruit dishes (Floréal KG Luneville), a glass cup with its cloche, a great plate with a redrose, 6 plates named Londres... I appreciate this quiet time before the kids go back to school, before autumn and fresh evenings.I would like this happiness and joyful time remain for the next months !
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Breakfast in the garden

Coming back from the flea market, I have found new colors for breakfast in the garden. Blue for the tea pot... UC "Jardinière" plates for the muffins... A Monaco jug for fresh water, and a sunny Sarreguemines milk pot... An english plate for the toasts Admire the colors in the garden... Have a good holiday time !
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