Let's them fly away

Here are two new companions for the two first birds of the house... Will they end up as an exotic cushion ? Or perhaps on a bag... I guess they will have fun together... Have a good week !  
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Tapestry again

The tapestry on the wall became a lovely cushion... The back is in black linen, and finally, It looks like a work of art ! I regret I did not buy the whole stock of tapestry I saw at the flea market that day. I wish I canrepeat the experience, associating it with antic linen. They are many ideas to re-use these old tapestries, for decoration or fashion accessories. Do youremember the Mary Poppins' huge and magic bag ? For the coming spring I also plan to make that simple dress. I'am searching for the right simple fabric... ... [Lire la suite]
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Tapestry spirit

I just found this old tapestry, which has very nice pale colors, on a blue grey back. You findthem in abondance in French flea market. They are some or less 'kitsch' and much colored.After a passage by the dry-cleaner's to dust it and revive its colors, it will become a pillow witha black linen back... ... [Lire la suite]
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