Sweet light

Freshly picked from the rosebush, the ancient roses scent the air. They always surprise me with their delicate colors and shapes. Candle-holders in porcelain and little collection of glass bells. Have a nice week !  
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Blue garden

The sun has hidden, it is ideal time to weed, plant, and color the garden. Electric blue lobelias associates to purple vervains... So happy are the windows... The garden is generous, the rose trees opened this morning, the boxwood explode, to be cut soon.   The cornflowers start their second flowering...   And colors, for reward, enter in the house...   Bonne journée !
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Under the cherry tree

Today it is 25°... I appreciate the shade under the trees... to show you my last discoveries : The lamp from the Compagnie des Indes is waiting for a new lampshade   a soap dish waiting for the Marseille soap... et some laces to wash-tint-transform  A simple pleasure to admire the garden and the cherries which will be ready to eat in a few days,while rememoring happy time when we put them two-by-two behind ours ears… 
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