After a long rest, Bleu Chine is coming back ! I needed some downtime to revitalize this blog and come back to its original idea ofbringing colours and fun with singular and charming objects from past and present. Here are plenty colours for Christmas ! Enjoy !! Do you remember the opening sequence of the famous film "Rebell without a cause",in which James Dean is playing with an articulated monkey toy among a garbage ofa street gutter ?  A collection of old Christmas baubles, with pine cones and coloured... [Lire la suite]
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Tomorrow... Spring

Thirst for strong colours, and light... I can't wait for the Spring to really be here,and express all its energy !   A new life for these little low armchairs thanks to Chantal Laurent from the atelierboutique 'Caramance'. SPRING, I'm ready !    
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Color makes me happy !

I discovered sometimes ago a fabulous website, from the photographe Julia Hoersch. While enjoying your after dinner ice cream, just go for a walk there and open your eyes wide. Are you ready for total immersion in merry colors, nice combination of porcelain,furnitures, food, flowers and nicely dressed tables... ?Here are, with the autor agreement, some scenes to be admired. For the masking tape fans... For those who dream of a nice place to receive their friends... For those who have an old glass... [Lire la suite]
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Roses, always

It is raining a lot outside on my blooming peonies and roses, but colour is insideas a consolation...                     Old water jug "Jardinière" from St Amand, Limoges porcelain dishes 'A la rose' Limoges on shelf from the flea market Have a good week !  
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This is not a joke

Bleu Chine was born one year ago, April 1st ! It was a test : would I be able to set up my own blog and just have fun in sharing the littlethings I love, through nice photos with sparkling colors ? A year after, I can say they were friendly moments with you and wonderful discoveries on your blogs. Thank you all for your kind messages and walks by there ! This book dated 1867 tells the story of Ireland. Its purple cover enhanced with gildinggoes perfectly with that little bouquet of pansies, gently... [Lire la suite]
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Rainbow vase

I found that big and heavy vase at the flea market. He drawn my attention with its multi-coloredfacets : white, turquoise, green, yellow, orange.You can turn it and choose the color you prefer, depending on the mood... That vase need flowers with long stems. Here a mixture of hot orange gerberas and white/yellow/orange snapdragons. It can be very nice with branches only. Have a nice week !  
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Pale paintings

In its previous life, it has been white, pale blue, or purple. Here is the family dresser in a lilaccolor with an anthracite top... The best moment, after you have put the wax, is when you can place on it all the little thingsyou like...  Have a good week !  
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