Boule de neige

I found this week-end a nice plate engraved with a delicate floral pattern and arabesques. I havebeen looking for it for so long. The pattern is named "Boule de neige" (viburnum) from SaintAmand Hamage. The blue is very luminous and goes very nicely with that little blueberries and marigolds that comefrom the market. You can find here, between leeks and spinach, small and simple bouquets. They have nothing to envy to fleurists' compositions and they cost so much less...  It's fun to take old objects and... [Lire la suite]
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Always blue

I love that old litograph, creating a feeling of peace and tenderness. It always attracts me, and I often find the blue of this shawl in the treasures I get back from theflea market... I can't not get enough !
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A blue spot

Here it was, a spot of frank blue in this extraordinary bric-a-brac... and that so unexpected colorin the grey dust seemed to illuminate the place... Here it is, at home, on the little table I like to decorate with my last finds. An almost complete range of blue, from the pale to royal , with the Delft blue of a vase and the nice colors of dried hydrangea. Have a good week !
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Mauve and blue

Is there something more exciting than discovering something beautiful under a layerof dust and durt ! That cutlery was waiting in an old box for a new life. And I had notseen the nice monograms... They will fit the nice Art nouveau plates I have found (Royat from Sarreguemines),which also exists in sepia (I only have one plate !). On the table, a delicate glass small dish contains the hazel nuts harvested a month ago... I wish you a sweet autumn...
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Breakfast in the garden

Coming back from the flea market, I have found new colors for breakfast in the garden. Blue for the tea pot... UC "Jardinière" plates for the muffins... A Monaco jug for fresh water, and a sunny Sarreguemines milk pot... An english plate for the toasts Admire the colors in the garden... Have a good holiday time !
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Washing day

Let see here, Longmétrage how antique fabrics and embroideries can take new colors. To recycle pale or yellowed clothes, I have used a black dye : each fabric reacts depending onthe percentage of cotton it contains : how surprising it was to obtain this blue gray I love somuch. I am ready to come back to work ! A new look for a set of old napkins, fitting very well with this old Sarreguemines plate named 'Tsarine'... and two glass cloches : one is very fine and delicate, I use it to preserved some chocolate... [Lire la suite]
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Blue borders

When the smell of the brioches envades the kitchen, it is quite difficult to resist... I doubt the three ones who devoured them in a few minutes had time to notice the beautiful blue storm border of these plates " Laitière" of St Amand.       It's hard to find more than to plates of the same pattern. So you can associate different ones, justrespecting approaching colors, which vary from green... to blue...         
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Blue collection

A collection in course, from the French manufacture of Sarreguemines : the pattern is "Capri - Réserve Casino", from the years 1920-1950. I have 8 dinner plates et 6 soup plate, the big soup tureen very useful for winter soups. The beginning of a nice table.     I could tint an old tablecloth in indigo blue for a modern contrast ?
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Blue storm

I was searching for a French antique glass globe - yes I lose hope not to find one - ... I consolated myself with a lot of 10 plates with a blue border and 10 green glasses.Here is a foretaste of what my table would be like, with a little improvised dinner for two..
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Green or blue ?

In the 2011 collection of the great Farrow & Ball, associations of unexpected colors come to hustle our habits. We knew the Gray - the different ones - and all the dull tones, the pallet of blue, from turquoise to blue storm... In the photo below, a touch of colour on a little frame, by its modest presence electrifies the gray.Look at the top... What to cause a desire of deco and awake one afternoon rather gray : Take an emerald greenlampshade. Install it on a wrought iron lamp. Find a beautiful pine cone. Make up its... [Lire la suite]
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