Sweet light

Freshly picked from the rosebush, the ancient roses scent the air. They always surprise me with their delicate colors and shapes. Candle-holders in porcelain and little collection of glass bells. Have a nice week !  
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So nostalgic...

These wood display boxes used to store the block lettering caugth my attention. They reflect theinimitable savoir-faire of these print artists we have almost forgotten now, with our computersand portable printers.. A little golden coloured frame, a nice old thermos with its large cork, a nice crystal inkwel...   and a nice pure linen kitchen towel, my discoveries at the last flea market delighted me ! What about a little touch of blue with these little plates which can be used as wine coasters ?That would help... [Lire la suite]
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Roses, always

It is raining a lot outside on my blooming peonies and roses, but colour is insideas a consolation...                     Old water jug "Jardinière" from St Amand, Limoges porcelain dishes 'A la rose' Limoges on shelf from the flea market Have a good week !  
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Lily of my valley

Symbol of happiness and chance, the Lily of the valley is offered on 1st of May (labour day).This is a nice period to make charming bouquets, invite friends and enjoy good food and conviviality ! You can marry it with Lilac or small fowers from the gardens, making compositions simpleas possible. These electric blue plates  "Wild rose" from Choisy le Roi fit well that old linen tablecloth Idyed in purple. Happiness, love and friendship to you !  
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Boule de neige

I found this week-end a nice plate engraved with a delicate floral pattern and arabesques. I havebeen looking for it for so long. The pattern is named "Boule de neige" (viburnum) from SaintAmand Hamage. The blue is very luminous and goes very nicely with that little blueberries and marigolds that comefrom the market. You can find here, between leeks and spinach, small and simple bouquets. They have nothing to envy to fleurists' compositions and they cost so much less...  It's fun to take old objects and... [Lire la suite]
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Art and decoration

Art Deco style is one of my favourites. It has such a character, simplicity and well balancedforms.These milk pot and sugar bowl are decorated with grey roses. They have a mark on the back(Epiag, Czechoslovakia) that allows to date them around years 1920-1940. The china is fine porcelain but not so fragile. It's beautiful milky color highlights the grey roseswhich are just enhanced by a net of gold. And you say : It's so modern ! This street of Paris is an old reproduction of a painting by Maurice Utrillo - "Rue Jeanne... [Lire la suite]
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This is not a joke

Bleu Chine was born one year ago, April 1st ! It was a test : would I be able to set up my own blog and just have fun in sharing the littlethings I love, through nice photos with sparkling colors ? A year after, I can say they were friendly moments with you and wonderful discoveries on your blogs. Thank you all for your kind messages and walks by there ! This book dated 1867 tells the story of Ireland. Its purple cover enhanced with gildinggoes perfectly with that little bouquet of pansies, gently... [Lire la suite]
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Rainbow vase

I found that big and heavy vase at the flea market. He drawn my attention with its multi-coloredfacets : white, turquoise, green, yellow, orange.You can turn it and choose the color you prefer, depending on the mood... That vase need flowers with long stems. Here a mixture of hot orange gerberas and white/yellow/orange snapdragons. It can be very nice with branches only. Have a nice week !  
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Tapestry again

The tapestry on the wall became a lovely cushion... The back is in black linen, and finally, It looks like a work of art ! I regret I did not buy the whole stock of tapestry I saw at the flea market that day. I wish I canrepeat the experience, associating it with antic linen. They are many ideas to re-use these old tapestries, for decoration or fashion accessories. Do youremember the Mary Poppins' huge and magic bag ? For the coming spring I also plan to make that simple dress. I'am searching for the right simple fabric... ... [Lire la suite]
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Always blue

I love that old litograph, creating a feeling of peace and tenderness. It always attracts me, and I often find the blue of this shawl in the treasures I get back from theflea market... I can't not get enough !
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