I found this week-end a nice plate engraved with a delicate floral pattern and arabesques. I have
been looking for it for so long. The pattern is named "Boule de neige" (viburnum) from Saint
Amand Hamage.

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The blue is very luminous and goes very nicely with that little blueberries and marigolds that come
from the market. You can find here, between leeks and spinach, small and simple bouquets.
They have nothing to envy to fleurists' compositions and they cost so much less...

21 04 12 001

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21 04 12 019

21 04 12 008 
It's fun to take old objects and rearrange them. Here is an old Art Nouveau jardiniere.
They used to take place on chimneys solemnly, completed with matched vases.

21 04 12 00921 04 12 024

As soon as the sun has come back, I will show you a nice discovery : ten plates decorated with my
preferred flowers, the ones whose fragrance hangs in the air over the garden...

Just an another clue : they are blue... Have a nice week.