A blue spot

Here it was, a spot of frank blue in this extraordinary bric-a-brac... and that so unexpected colorin the grey dust seemed to illuminate the place... Here it is, at home, on the little table I like to decorate with my last finds. An almost complete range of blue, from the pale to royal , with the Delft blue of a vase and the nice colors of dried hydrangea. Have a good week !
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THE place of the year

A marvellous place lost in North Aveyron, where I discoverd antique furnitures, chandeliers, plates, old paintings and clocks... just have a look.   This is an old letter, written after the end of war 1939-1945, in which an ex-soldier asks to his friendwhat was the delicious cheese from Aveyron he had let him taste, and how much this particulartaste was engraved in his memory. I leave this paradise with some regrets, but I know I can come back and breathe again this kindof art de vivre from the... [Lire la suite]
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Pale paintings

In its previous life, it has been white, pale blue, or purple. Here is the family dresser in a lilaccolor with an anthracite top... The best moment, after you have put the wax, is when you can place on it all the little thingsyou like...  Have a good week !  
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Brown to change from blue

In my last post, I presented you some Sarreguemines plates in blue Royat pattern. Here it is in sepia color. I love this color very much ! Nice color for autumn, isn't it ?  
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Mauve and blue

Is there something more exciting than discovering something beautiful under a layerof dust and durt ! That cutlery was waiting in an old box for a new life. And I had notseen the nice monograms... They will fit the nice Art nouveau plates I have found (Royat from Sarreguemines),which also exists in sepia (I only have one plate !). On the table, a delicate glass small dish contains the hazel nuts harvested a month ago... I wish you a sweet autumn...
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