Indian summer

Early in the morning, in the garden, dewdrops on the camellias play with the beautiful light.. Flowers make their show on the white walls and an old glass jar of jam and antique bottles (Flytox) reflect the sunlight... I wish this nice weather could last a few weeks more ! Enjoy Indian summer !  
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Market treasures

It's so nice to eat fruits and vegetables full of savour and taste... ...to speak with the old and sweet lady who gives me her receipt of the zucchini carpaccio (slicethe zuchinni, put some olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper, add Parmesan chips), then makesme taste her fig jam, before slipping a bunch of parsley into my basket… It's a pleasure to fill eyes with colors before crunching a ripe fruit..(Does the color of a fruit, like its smell, has any influence on its taste?) I just wanted to... [Lire la suite]
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Good resolutions

It becomes urgent to finish the work I have started, to sort and tidy away all the objectsaccumulated in the house, they won't go in the cupboard anymore ! Until I find a solution, some little ustensils found a place in the kitchen once cleaned The splendid pitcher offered by Helene came to brighten the gray table with its beautiful turquoise color And then this new cup definitely makes me like the old moulded glass objects, playing so wellwith the light... I like these two huge tea cups which wait for the next whoopie... [Lire la suite]
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It seems to be...

Coming back to school can be an important event, full of anxiety, happiness and emotions,for the little ones as for the older...I like this old postcard very much : with sense of humour and ridicule, it shows that thescholar is not the one you think, neither the dunce... What you give from your heart is moreimportant than appearance! How about your coming back ?
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Coming back to school

I wrote little words on the typewriter I found recently at the flea market. A little scenery to say, we all come back to school, work, and it can be nice... I had the time to place the last things I have found : this turquoise clock which alarm is sostrong - DRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN  - two glass candlesticks, an old painting with white and purplelilac and yellow daffodil... Then I go to the kitchen to settle my vintage Thermos bottle and other little things... And as I come back in the lounge, I see that... [Lire la suite]
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