Red red red

Isn't that strange... All this red in my basket as I come back from a French Brocante ! Wonderful treasures : 10 embroidered napkins, a sugar shaker, 6 flowered plates named Irisand 2 fruit dishes (Floréal KG Luneville), a glass cup with its cloche, a great plate with a redrose, 6 plates named Londres... I appreciate this quiet time before the kids go back to school, before autumn and fresh evenings.I would like this happiness and joyful time remain for the next months !
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Breakfast in the garden

Coming back from the flea market, I have found new colors for breakfast in the garden. Blue for the tea pot... UC "Jardinière" plates for the muffins... A Monaco jug for fresh water, and a sunny Sarreguemines milk pot... An english plate for the toasts Admire the colors in the garden... Have a good holiday time !
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Washing day

Let see here, Longmétrage how antique fabrics and embroideries can take new colors. To recycle pale or yellowed clothes, I have used a black dye : each fabric reacts depending onthe percentage of cotton it contains : how surprising it was to obtain this blue gray I love somuch. I am ready to come back to work ! A new look for a set of old napkins, fitting very well with this old Sarreguemines plate named 'Tsarine'... and two glass cloches : one is very fine and delicate, I use it to preserved some chocolate... [Lire la suite]
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Secret address

A preserved place which welcomes us every year, at Ayssiols in North Aveyron.Life is sweet and genuine here. Landscapes are somptuous. A place you have to deserve, andhesitate to share so true is it that you wish to keep it from tourism. And when you venture in the surrounding woods, you can have pleasant encounters, does or delicious treasures like these... Have a nice trip !
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Sicilian colours

or memories of a coloured family trip...Blue like the sky and sea...                                                        air 38°... water 24°c   ... [Lire la suite]
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