Blue garden

The sun has hidden, it is ideal time to weed, plant, and color the garden. Electric blue lobelias associates to purple vervains... So happy are the windows... The garden is generous, the rose trees opened this morning, the boxwood explode, to be cut soon.   The cornflowers start their second flowering...   And colors, for reward, enter in the house...   Bonne journée !
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Light and shadow

The aventure began with a gift, an old shutter offered by a dear friend.After a very light sandpapering and little white wax, it took service again proudly… A bronze bracket bought for nothing was fixed by Mr. Bleu Chine who adapted the electric system. The lampshades are a creation of Helene, Nuit & Jour, who made two models : the autumn version….    and the summer version, very chic !       The mix of several talents makes that so charming result. You can imagine lampshades in various... [Lire la suite]
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The drapery

I found this embroidered tablecloth with six towels, white and gray … an artist work of patience... An asparagus dish - nice barbotine ! - from the French Longchamp manufacture (youpi ! the season is not finished yet, I may use it soon). And all that we could find in the past in the drapery at the corner street. They no longer exist,hélas, expected in retired villages.      Have a good week !
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Blue borders

When the smell of the brioches envades the kitchen, it is quite difficult to resist... I doubt the three ones who devoured them in a few minutes had time to notice the beautiful blue storm border of these plates " Laitière" of St Amand.       It's hard to find more than to plates of the same pattern. So you can associate different ones, justrespecting approaching colors, which vary from green... to blue...         
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Deeply rose

See and smell the roses in the garden, before the summer heat becomes to hard.    Then, roses enter in the house      These are definitely my preferred flowers. If I had to paint them, I could not create so gorgeous pink and crimson colors !
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Under the cherry tree

Today it is 25°... I appreciate the shade under the trees... to show you my last discoveries : The lamp from the Compagnie des Indes is waiting for a new lampshade   a soap dish waiting for the Marseille soap... et some laces to wash-tint-transform  A simple pleasure to admire the garden and the cherries which will be ready to eat in a few days,while rememoring happy time when we put them two-by-two behind ours ears… 
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Blue collection

A collection in course, from the French manufacture of Sarreguemines : the pattern is "Capri - Réserve Casino", from the years 1920-1950. I have 8 dinner plates et 6 soup plate, the big soup tureen very useful for winter soups. The beginning of a nice table.     I could tint an old tablecloth in indigo blue for a modern contrast ?
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Brocante in May

A painting of Paris Montmartre... Old laces and antique gold glasses in their purple velvet box, some little things, and still books…  A very fine work...   May is coming !
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